Akorn Construction

AKORN CONSTRUCTION undertake efficient planning, project management and construction of Leisure and Commercial buildings.

We work very successfully with architects, bringing our expertise of building systems to help provide cost effective options of construction drawn from our extensive commercial experience.

We understand that needing to extend existing commercial premises or build a bespoke facility is the result of running a successful business. It is easy for the construction process to become a distraction to your core business and so we put in place all the management systems needed to keep you fully involved but free to effectively manage your business.

Take a little time to look through our case studies of commercial property construction and please contact us to discuss how we could help deliver your construction requirements.

Akorn Construction
Quality Commercial Contractors

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AKORN’s project management and field supervision team conducted work in a professional manner and in many times offered cost saving constructability solutions in the field. I would not hesitate to utilize this team again in the future.

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